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How Alcolina was born

The passion for observation is the stimulus guided us through the Alcolina project. 

It is thanks to this passion we have been able to understand how in the use of hand sanitizing gels, doses and times recommended by manufacturers are often not respected; too rapid evaporation and modest quantities do not guarantee the promised result.

Dose and time are fundamental elements to guarantee true disinfection

We understood the need to replace the common ethyl alcohol used as an active biocide, with a residual biocide, safe, non-irritating or sensitizing, even a food additive. A biocide that remains on the hands and continues its action. We were able to slow down evaporation by using a different alcohol to impose the friction time necessary for a complete action.

ALCOLINA is all this

- 1.5-2.0 g of product dry in 45-70 seconds, the contact time required to perform a complete sanitizing action.

- transforms a duty into a pleasure: no sticky effect, hands are sanitized, soft and fragrant

- Stop allergic problems, dryness and cracking

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